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Wondering what to expect in the way of service and maintenance services as your vehicle approaches 30, 60, 90k miles of travel? You’ve come to the right place to find out.

Because every driver is different, the recommended servicing times in your owner’s manual should be viewed as a calculated estimate about when your vehicle will be due for servicing and maintenance. If you’re hard on your vehicle—and most city drivers are, with all the starting and stopping, idling and braking, swerving and accident avoidance that comes with the territory—you may need to have your vehicle serviced more often than recommended.

30, 60, 90k services are similar to annual physical exams provided by a professional physician: a time to have your car looked over thoroughly and serviced or repaired as needed. A lot of shops like to take the menu pricing approach, giving quotes before actually seeing your car. Not here. Most of your vehicle’s annual service cost includes inspecting, servicing and repairing your car based on what’s found when we get it on the rack. Just like humans during their annual physical exams, each person will have a different check up than the next, just as vehicles do. One car at 30k may need brakes while another car at 30k may need nothing but the basic service recommended by the manufacturer. That’s why we feel it’s vital to have the vehicle inspected first and then list what it needs to keep it on the road reliably for the next 30k miles. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Another reason to have the inspection first is to make sure you aren’t “doubling up” on work already done. For instance, most people will have their oil change done at a local quick lube, then take it to a repair shop for the 30, 60, 90k. Well, one of the first things on every list for every car at the 30/60/90k service is an oil change. Shops with “menu” type pricing will blindly replace your new oil and possibly other things on the list (air filters, etc.) which you may already have taken care of. Our service tailors your 30/60/90k inspection and repairs to your car and the way you drive it. No cookie-cutter, one-size-fits all malarkey, here. Period.

So if you notice anomalies before you reach the designated 30/60/90k pit stop times, don’t simply ignore the symptoms; give us a call to see if what you’re noticing is significant enough that we feel you need to come see us sooner. Usually, the sooner you notice a new sound, smell or other unusual hiccup, the easier it will be on your pocketbook to fix it.

And not to worry—we have sufficient work to keep us going here at G&J’s Auto Repair, thanks to two generations of loyal customers and KING TV’s Best of Washington nominations—so we’re not going to be recommending repairs or services that that aren’t genuinely needed. We’re here to make sure you’re driving a safe, comfortable car, truck or minivan; we’re not out to gouge you. We’re good neighbors, not pirates.

At G&J’s, you can be sure your vehicle is being seen by AAA-approved for total car care, ASE-certified master mechanics that have been through the rigors of training, education and lots of on-the-job, in the trenches experience. Part of what we do here is making sure that only the most-qualified experts have your back.

So as you approach the30, 60 and 90k mileage marks, be sure to call us—we’ll take great care of you. (541) 752-3445