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Your car’s battery delivers the electrical juice that puts everything else under the hood in motion. Without a good battery in your vehicle, all you have is an expensive garage or driveway ornament. So when your vehicle doesn’t start, the first place to check is its battery.

Many vehicle batteries carry two-year warranties; pricier, better-quality batteries offer 6-7 year warranties. Sometime after your battery reaches its warranty deadline, you may as well expect to find a lifeless vehicle at some point in your future. Any battery that measures less than 10 on a voltage meter after it has been load tested is on its last legs, so be sure to monitor the battery at least monthly after it has served you for two years. This way, you can proactively replace it before it betrays you.

Vehicle battery prices run the gamut, depending on what kind of vehicles they’re used in. Passenger car batteries start in the mid-$80’s range. High-end batteries can run more than $150.

When it comes to hybrid models, the word ‘battery’ means a whole lot more than the piece of equipment that starts it. Hybrids run on multiple, very expensive batteries. When hybrid batteries go bad, you’re looking at big bucks to get going again.

If you’re having problems starting your car any number of things can be the cause: the starter, solenoid, alternator—even too little gasoline (if you’re the multitasking type with too many other responsibilities flooding your mind). But experience tells us that the place to start when your car, truck or minivan won’t start is by inspecting the battery. If you’re having starting problems, drop by for a diagnosis. With any luck at all, it’ll just be your battery; if it is, we’ll have you back on the road in no time. (541) 752-3445