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Whenever there’s a car, truck or minivan in your possession, you’re in charge of making sure it gets the vehicle maintenance it needs to keep it running and serving you well. But we know all how easy it is to lose track of the last time you brought your vehicle in for its care because, with all the multi-tasking you’re required to do these days, weeks and months can fly by at what seems like warp speed to you. It isn’t fair, but it is what it is, and your vehicle needs what it needs, just as you do. So take a moment now while you’re thinking about it to check your owner’s manual and auto repair record for each vehicle you own to remind yourself when you need to bring in your vehicle(s) for new drive belts, timing belts, oil changes, tune up, fluid checks and the other necessities it needs to keep you keepin’ on.

Here at G&J’s Auto Repair, we will inspect your vehicle to uncover its maintenance needs. We will also print out your vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and let you know which of your vehicle’s maintenance needs are due given its mileage and/or its age.

Your vehicle takes great care of you. It should take you where you’re going reliably, whether you’re heading out for a day or fun, for work, or for a dire emergency. Getting stranded because some area of maintenance has been neglected is no fun. Worse, it can have dire consequences.

Leaving your vehicle maintenance to chance or “when you get around to it” is too risky a strategy—call us today to make sure you’ll get where you’re going tomorrow. (541) 752-3445