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Air Conditioning
Have you noticed that road rage incidents increase as temperatures soar?

When Corvallis gets hot and humid, commute time can become cranky quickly unless the air conditioning unit in every car is working at peak efficiency. Sadly, this is rarely the case because—unlike states in the southwest where 95% of vehicle owners rely on dependable a/c to keep them safe, comfortable and alive during Arizona-style desert commutes—Many Corvallis vehicles don’t have a/c, and those that do don’t always keep it in proper working order. In fact, it has been estimated that only about 50% of Oregon cars have air conditioning. (They’re the ones with their windows rolled up during scorching summer and fall days.)

The good news is that when you have air conditioning in your car, you don’t have to become one of the killjoys on the highways and byways in and around Corvallis or anywhere else you travel. Instead, while others are performing their incomparable Incredible Hulk impersonations in bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic, you can remain your usual, mild-mannered self as you while away the minutes enjoying cool, calming car air conditioning and the music or conversation of your favorite radio station.

At G&J Auto Center, we can (and should!) inspect your car’s air conditioning at least annually, especially before you head out on a long trip, to make sure it will keep you comfortable even during the hottest days in eastern Washington or the Mojave Desert. Because we know how many of you like to get up and go for a few days or a few weeks while the weather is warm and while the kids are out of school.

If your car’s air conditioning smells a little “off”—anything less than pure, pristine and Pacific Northwest, evergreen perfect—be sure to stop by for a checkup. Air conditioning units that grow mold can be unhealthy, and air conditioning that smells bad is no fun at all, whether it’s dangerous or not.

Another important function of the air conditioning system is to help the defrost mode. The defrost mode engages the air conditioning system to help defrost the windshield more quickly by keeping outdoor moisture from coming inside your car while the system is drying and defrosting your windshield.

If you have any concerns at all about your car’s air conditioning, please call G&J Auto Center at your earliest convenience. We’ll be happy to check it out for you. (541) 752-3445