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Shocks / Struts
If your vehicle is beginning to ride like a jalopy, your shocks/struts are likely to blame. Signs of ailing/aging shocks/struts include bouncy trips, ‘bottoming out’ when you hit a bump or dip in the road, front end ‘bowing/dipping’ during a sudden stop, a bouncy tire while driving down the road or loss of control when you brake quickly. Worn out shocks will also cause tire treads to “cup” which will wear them out prematurely. And if your vehicles wanders more than usual as you’re changing lanes, or if it ‘sags’ in the front or back, you’re probably due for shocks/struts and/or some other suspension work. Let one of G&J’s ASE-certified master mechanics sort it out for you.

What shocks do

Shocks (no surprise here) are shock-absorbers for your vehicle. Shocks are designed to remove the “shock” from the road that travels through the tire and the rest of the vehicle. They make your drive smooth and comfortable. You may start noticing a difference in the comfortableness of your vehicle somewhere between 25,000 and 30,000 miles because your car bounces and jounces a lot—you just don’t realize it until your shocks start wearing out. Check your owner’s manual; most manufacturers recommend that you have your shocks assessed yearly for your safety and comfort.

What struts do

Your struts control the spring and suspension movements that keep your tires connected to the road. These days, the vast majority of front-wheel drive vehicles feature a McPherson strut suspension system: coil springs and shocks combined into a single unit. Struts are pricier than shocks but they usually last longer. Still, a yearly inspection of your struts is a good idea, too. (Check your owner’s manual to confirm for yourself that we’re not leading you astray, here.)

Coil springs (mentioned above) matter too

Coil springs help keep the bounciness of your vehicle to a bare minimum. Coil springs begin to weaken and sag with the passage of time, so have them checked annually, too, at the same time your shock/struts are being looked at.

So long before your shocks/struts start making you feel like you’re riding around Corvallis on the back of Tigger give us a call—we’ll smooth out your ride in no time. (541) 752-3445