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Road Trip Inspection
Going on a road trip?

Don’t leave home without a road trip inspection!

Before you pack your bags, cancel your newspaper and mail delivery, and pile into your vacation vehicle for your long-awaited and much-anticipated road trip, please be sure to remember to get an inspection: lights, wipers, engine, tires, hoses, radiator, fluids, battery—the whole enchilada.


Because we’re pretty sure your plans don’t include potentially-dangerous roadway and roadside breakdowns or standing by the side of the road waiting for a tow truck or AAA to rescue you and your loved ones from a predicament that can easily be avoided.

There is nothing more likely to ruin the great feeling and goodwill of the perfectly-planned road trip than having your vehicle disappoint you. Vehicle failure is usually a miserable, frightening experience but should it happen miles from the nearest town on a scorching hot or freezing cold day, your mere inconvenience can turn into a life-threatening nightmare.

That’s why, before you head out, you should schedule a road trip inspection right here at G&J Auto Center. We will carefully inspect your tires for improper or dangerous wear and tear. We’ll make sure the tires are properly inflated. We’ll determine when was the last time you had your tires rotated and your wheels aligned. All of these items will factor into the kind of road trip you’ll have.

We’ll inspect your brakes to see what your brake pads look like and we’ll check your brake fluid to make sure it’s robust and sufficient.

We’ll inspect your suspension system for worn, damaged parts and your shocks and struts to make sure your trip will be comfortable and safe.

We’ll check your cooling system to make sure it’s in good working order and that the fluids are all good.

We’ll check your transmission fluid, your belts, and your exhaust system.

We’ll make sure your oil is clean, your air filter is new or relatively new, and that your vehicle is properly tuned, to help you save you money on fuel during your road trip.

We’ll check your power steering, differentials and your timing belt if your vehicle’s the mileage indicates that these things may become problematic.

We’ll check and replace your windshield wipers and head lamps as needed.

Whatever it takes to make sure you remain safe and comfortable while you’re on your road trip, we will do.

Please call for a road trip inspection within three weeks of your date of departure to be sure you’ll be free and clear to navigate. This way if we do uncover any problems, there will be plenty of time to get them taken care of before you head out.