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Your vehicle’s radiator can go south for a number of reasons: brittle hoses, damaged water pump; weakened solders; leaky fittings; malfunctioning thermostat; rusting, and more.

Without a well-functioning radiator, your engine can’t survive the super-heated environment that is caused by liquids that course through it as a result of the friction that is produced when so many moving parts rub against each other. That’s why it’s crucial to keep your radiator in good working condition.

The older the radiator, the more likely it is to begin to experience problems. Vehicles older than five years are the ones we see coming in most often for radiator work. When radiator symptoms are spotted and reported we carefully scrutinize the entire system to find whatever is amiss: old hoses, restricted water flow, leaks, fitting failures, crack in plastic tanks, etc.

Here at G&J Auto Center our ASE-certified master mechanics know all about radiators and their hitches and hiccups. We also know you don’t want to be vehicle-less for any longer than is absolutely necessary—your wheels get you where you’re going and when they stop rolling you start stressing out, losing your access to work, shopping, and play. We get right on the vehicles that come into our shop as soon as we can. This is just one of the many reasons our customers remain loyal to us: they know that we know their chariots are crucial to their mobility and livelihoods.

So when your radiator starts radiating troublesome symptoms, give us a call right away—we’ll get you in and out as fast as we can without compromising the quality of our parts and service. 541-752-3445g