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When it comes to your clutch, be sure to get an honest quote for apples-to-apples services. It’s a sad fact: some auto repair shops dole out quotes that don’t cover the total cost of a responsible clutch repair job. As a result, you may find yourself with a torn-apart vehicle before you’re advised of the total cost of your clutch repair, which can throw you for a loop, especially if you’re already on a limited budget.

Besides, in our opinion, no auto shop should low-ball you to get your vehicle up on a rack and then slam you with the real cost of the repairs you need. That’s unprofessional and callous, not to mention a lousy practice if you expect to earn your way to customer loyalty and non-stop referrals.

Here at G&J Auto Center, we’ll inspect your clutch for wear and tear. We’ll investigate fly wheels, pressure plates, and the entire intricate network. And when your clutch is misbehaving, chances are we’ll recommend complete assembly replacement simply because replacing clutch parts piecemeal can become a far-more-costly proposition than can simply taking care of the entire assembly at once. Our mission, after all, is to save you money while taking good care of your car—not to bleed you for every last dollar you have.

The repair work and replacement parts we install comes with a written guarantee of quality and workmanship—a guarantee our happy customers have been relying on for nearly four generations and counting.

So when you start seeing telltale signs that your clutch is going south on you—clutch slipping, clutch pedal going to the floor with little or no resistance; clutch soft when you push it; problems putting your vehicle in gear—it’s time for an inspection. The problem may be as simple as air in the system, a bad clutch disk, or leaking hoses but only a certified clutch professional will know for sure—so call us today. (541) 752-3445