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Chevrolet Repair
Remember the old jingle, “See the U-S-A in your Chev-ro-let”? Plenty of you have taken Chevrolet up on the offer. We get cherished, carefully-washed-and-waxed Chevrolets in here all the time, Chevrolets that have traversed the country more than once and are still looking and running great.

But running great for a decade (or two, three, or more) is no accident. Chevrolets—like all vehicles—have to rely on their owners to give them what they need to continue to serve without hitch or hiccup. Chevy vehicles need tender loving care to ensure they’ll always be ready to roll at a moment’s notice—whether you simply need a lift or are rushing to save a life.

At G&J Auto Center , we have Chevrolet certified technicians ready to tackle any repair or service your Chevy may need.

Here is Chevy’s line up of reliable Chevrolet cars and trucks: the Malibu, Impala, Colorado, Corvette, Camaro, Corsica, Lumina, Silverado, Trailblazer, Cavalier, Cobalt, Suburban, Equinox, Tahoe, and S10 Blazer.

Of course, if there are any bothersome issues that you’ve noticed as you’ve driven to work, to the store, or anywhere else, be sure to bring your Chevy in and let us know its symptoms. Our certified mechanics can usually establish a cause by the way your vehicle sounds, looks and/or smells, and by the way you describe the symptoms. No, it isn’t magic. It’s the result of years of in-shop, astute discernment.

Call today to find out what’s ailing your Chevy. When it comes to Chevrolet repair, we really know our stuff. (541) 752-3445