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Ford Repair
Henry Ford established an automotive empire that has spanned two centuries and six generations. The list of Ford vehicles still earning their pay (some of them decades after they first appeared on showroom floors) include compact models like the Fiesta, Festiva, Aspire, Escort, Fairmont, Tempo, Contour, mid-size models like the Granada, LTD, Fusion, Taurus, full-size models like the LTD, LTD Crown Victoria, Country Squire, Five Hundred, Taurus, a much-loved personal luxury model Thunderbird, sport compact models like the EXP, Probe, Escort ZX2, Focus ST) and one long-cherished Sports model – the Ford Mustang! Ford has also made one of the best selling truck lines in the automotive industry with the Ford F150, F250, F350 and the Ford Ranger.

Here at G&J Auto Center , the most common Ford problems we see impact transmissions, ignition and fuel systems, engines, power trains, brakes, and electrical challenges. So don’t hesitate to stop by or give us a call to explain what’s happening with your Ford that’s causing you to wonder. Waiting too long, hoping the anomaly will go away by itself, isn’t wise; the longer you wait, the pricier repairs can become. Remember: your Ford carries your future on its wheels: your loved ones, your career, and your means to getting where you need to go all rest on its ability to keep you keepin’ on—put off its needs and you can end up sabotaging yourself.

What is your Ford doing that it shouldn’t be? Give us a call to schedule an inspection and we’ll let you know what kind of Ford repair you need to stay on the road. (541)752-3445