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Jeep Repair
When it comes to Jeep repair, we’re avid practitioners. The Jeep owners we know put their Jeeps through their paces, considering their vehicles part of their action plan when they’re out and about climbing hills, fording rivers, fishing, hunting, and hiking across the Pacific Northwest and beyond. So it only makes sense that properly-scheduled maintenance is a big part of what keeps Jeep running in all the ways their owners expect them to.

Of course, with a pro-active, super-energetic lifestyle, Jeep owners can face a series of common Jeep repair issues including transmissions, cooling systems, radiators, exhaust manifolds, rattling exhausts, and brake and clutch issues. So it’s vital to keep your Jeep tuned up as recommended by the manufacturer (check your owner’s manual or call us if your owner’s manual is AWOL) because you do expect so much from your Jeep—or you wouldn’t have sprung for one.

Here at G&J Auto Center, our AAA/ASE/Master-certified mechanics know Jeep repair like the backs of their hands. They’ve been through every model thoroughly and know what to look for to make sure they stay safe, robust and ready for action. They can discern from mechanical symptoms— sounds, smells, etc.—what the problem might be and what it will most likely take to fix it.

The most common Jeep models we work on are the Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Liberty, Wagoneer and Comanche.

Your Jeep was made to shine, to out-perform, to excel. If yours isn’t living up to its vaunted history and calling, there’s something you can, and probably should, do about it. After all, as awesome as your Jeep was when it rolled off the showroom floor, it’s only as awesome as the care and maintenance it receives. Because unlike the other principal players in your life your Jeep can’t ask for the repairs it needs, except indirectly. Are you noticing any cries for help? If so, give us a call today. (541) 752-3445