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Mazda Repair
Mazda is a fun vehicle to drive!

If you have had the chance to get behind the wheel of a Mazda Miata, Mazda 5 or Mazda 3, Protege or Millenia, you have noticed that these cars handle very well in turns and around corners because of Mazda’s world-renowned steering and suspension.

But if you drive a Mazda (or if another family member does) you may have already noticed that steering and suspension problems have cropped up in various models—especially here in Corvallis with our far-from-perfect road surfaces. Here at G&J Auto Center , we regularly see some Mazda models coming in with suspension and steering problems, so they’re something to keep in mind as you go about your busy life.

If you notice any of the following symptoms, bring your Mazda in for a look-see and repair as soon as you can:

Your vehicle pulls to one side or the other as you drive

Your steering wheel becomes hard to turn

Your steering wheel bounces when traveling at highway speeds or when you’re braking

Your steering wheel “wanders”; that is, your vehicle doesn’t immediately head in the direction you expect it to as you turn the wheel

Knocks or clunking sounds when you hit bumps or cracks in the road

A loud screeching, screaming or whistling sound as you turn the steering wheel

With Mazda models you also want to be sure to schedule tune ups and oil changes as recommended in the owner’s manual. Failing to stay on top of these necessary maintenance tasks can cause more expensive problems to crop up—never a good thing.

Your Mazda should provide years of dependable transportation as long as you watch and listen for the subtle changes that indicate “all is not as well as it used to be”. Your vigilance—and what you decide to do about any repair issues you suspect or identify—will largely determine the longevity of any vehicle you drive.

When your Mazda needs repairing please think of us. Our AAA approved and ASE-certified master mechanics understand the workings of a Mazda as too few others do. Mazda is one of our automotive repair specialties, so we aren’t just guessing as we establish a probable cause for your vehicle’s symptoms.

For top-quality Mazda repair, give us a call today.(541) 752-3445