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Mini Cooper Repair
If you’re like many Mini Cooper owners—well-educated with a good job, eco-conscious, single, and on the threshold of a successful career with enough money to buy the car of your dreams—you’re probably noted for being a bit of a risk taker, except where the repair of your car is concerned!

Most Mini Cooper owners know where they’re going and have the plans to get there. The latest mobile technology connects you to everyone and everywhere that’s worth knowing or knowing about. Within moments you can find the Mini Cooper repair place nearest you and be on your way when your Mini misbehaves in any way.

But does the Mini Cooper repair place nearest you have the master-certified technicians, and the extensive experience that G&J Auto Center does, and is it as affordable as G&J is?

Mini Cooper repair rates are usually significantly higher at dealers’ facilities. And they can be darned pricey at other repair places, too, whether the shops are reputable or not. So as a Mini owner, you need to carefully consider who you can entrust your vehicle to.

Here at G&J Auto Center, we could go on and on about our ethics, Mini Cooper experience, affordability, and the way we take care of every customer…but we much prefer having them speak for us. And they have.

So when your Mini Cooper needs repair or routine maintenance, please think twice about who to take it to: the mini repair shop nearest you, or the one that has been earning its customers’ trust and kudos since the year 1936—G&J Auto Center! Stay and play on our site for a while to find out more about us, but then give us a call. We want to become your Mini Cooper’s repair place! (541) 752-3445