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Subaru Repair
Is your Subaru still strutting it stuff—or has it begun to lose its original oomph? Here at G&J Auto Center , we’ve been servicing Subaru’s for as long as long as they have been on the road. So your Outback, Impreza, Legacy, Tribeca, Forester and Baja are definitely in good hands here.

Some of the most common Subaru repair issues we see in our shop are timing belts. Be sure to have yours replaced promptly by a mechanic at or shortly before 105,000 miles for most Subaru models. Older models require changing your timing belt much sooner, so be sure to check your Subaru owner’s manual or call G&J Auto Center – we’ll be happy to let you know when your timing belt is due and quote to replace it as well.

Other common issues that we see with some Subaru models are overheating issues due to bad head gaskets. We also see head gasket leaks externally. These types of head gasket leaks are coolant and/or oil leaks and usually do not cause overheating concerns. Oil leaks are also a common problem we see on Subaru models.

Please Note: not every oil leak in a Subaru will reach your garage floor, driveway or parking space. Most Subaru models have a ‘diaper’ of sorts underneath them to catch leaks before they can leave telltale signs on the ground. So if you ever discern a burning-oil smell, be sure to have your Subaru inspected for leaks right away. That smell is caused by the exhaust system on Subaru which wraps underneath the engine and they tend to catch every single drop of oil when a gasket or seal starts to leak.

Have you noticed? The Subaru Outback is a particular favorite of auto owners in the Pacific Northwest. It’s rugged, can get over unpaved forest roads, through rain puddles, and over snow and ice with the best of them. And it looks the role. It can take on anything the Cascades and Olympics throw at it. A great vehicle for families out to enjoy a hike, the beach, or a Beavers, Ducks or High School game, the Outback reliably carries its passengers to wherever great memories can be made.

Subaru vehicles are highly rated for dependability, but remember: your Outback’s has needs, too. When you notice it misbehaving, even just a little, stop by or give us a call to let us know what it’s doing. Chances are we can determine what’s wrong and fix it before it starts causing you more significant headaches.

No matter which make or model of Subaru you own, here at G&J Auto Center, we’ll make sure it’s running the way it should. Call today to schedule the Subaru repairs you need. (541) 752-3445